Women In Relationships Are More Likely Than Men To Use Sex Toys February 25, 2022

According to study, nearly half of adult women presently use or have used sex toys. Women in relationships are considerably more prone to utilise them than single women. The Berman Center in Chicago produced the report. The centre specialises on women’s sexual health and menopause and is directed by sex therapist Laura Berman, LCSW, PhD.

Knowledge Networks performed the online survey for the Berman Center, which was financed by an unrestricted educational grant from drugstore.com. The findings were presented at the State-of-the-Art Series on Women’s Sexual Health in Chicago. A total of over 2,600 women between the ages of 18 and 60 were invited to take part in the poll. Around 1,600 people volunteered to participate in the poll, which included questions about their relationship status and sex toy use.

According to the results of the poll:

Fourty-four percent stated they use or have used a sex toy in the past. A vibrator was the most popular sex toy. Young women between the ages of 25 and 34 were the most likely to have used a sex toy, with 51 percent of those in that age range admitting current or previous sex toy use.

Women in their 55s and 60s were equally likely to have experimented with a sex toy at some point in their life. They were, however, half as likely as younger women to use sex devices now.

Most current or former sex toy users indicated they were in relationships and didn’t see the devices as a replacement for a partner.

Unmarried women living with their partners reported using sex toys 43 percent of the time and 17 percent of the time in the past.

35 percent of women in partnerships who did not live with their partners said they used sex toys now, and 21% said they had done so in the past.

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Singles are less likely to use sex toys.

Women who were not in a relationship were less likely to utilise sex toys. Twenty-two percent of single women stated they were now using sex toys, and 12% said they had previously used sex toys.

White women and women with some college education were the most likely to use sex toys.

Thirty-four percent of white women claimed they use sex toys now, compared to 22 percent of black women, 19 percent of Hispanic women, and 8% of “other” races.

In comparison to 26 percent of women with a college degree and 29 percent of high school graduates with no college education, 37 percent of women with some college education (but not a degree) were current sex toy users.

Sex Toys Aren’t a Replacement for the Real Thing

Overall, women had a “neutral-to-positive” attitude on the use of sex toys.

“Current sex toy users, whether or not in a steady healthy relationship, were considerably more likely to report a higher degree of desire and interest for sex and less discomfort during and following intercourse,” the paper adds, after controlling for demographic variables. “However, current and former users who were not in long-term healthy partnerships were nonetheless less satisfied with their overall sexual lives than their peers.”

The majority of sex toy users (about 90%) indicated they told their spouses about it. Nearly two-thirds of women stated their partners were okay with them using sex toys. So, if you’re looking for adult sex toys in Malaysia, Secret Cherry is the place to go.

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