Why We Love Going To Coffee Shops March 4, 2021

After a busy 9-5 hour job, my only excitement comes from the endless coffee shops I can visit. However, this pandemic has put a strain on my love for coffee shops. My only option is to bring my favorite coffee home, which I am still lucky to do so. I am grateful that I can still order my favorite cup of coffee and baked goods straight to my door. But it still saddens me that I can longer go do my favorite pastime: Coffee shop hunting. 

I am sure I am not the only one missing out on this delightful activity. There are so many like me, who enjoy the hunt for amazing coffee, aesthetic interiors, delicious aromas, and exquisite pastries. My greatest findings are still hidden and some were even closed down as a result of the pandemic. (again, another great loss). But there are so many reasons why we love coffee shop hunting. As a community, we bond over these reasons! 

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Supporting Local Businesses

Coffee shops are a huge boost to the growth of the economy. When we buy from small local coffee shops, we are not only benefitting our taste, but we are also helping a small family or an independent small business owner. There is something uplifting and wholesome about this act of kindness. It fosters feelings of warmth, happiness, and positivity. 

Source Of Inspiration 

When we go to a coffee shop, it is not simply just a “coffee shop”. The place is a sanctuary for us. And more importantly, it is our own creative space. Whether we have an unmet deadline, or group work, or even a design that needs to be finished, we tend to run to a coffee shop to do the work. Even if you are not a creative soul, or just one of the best forex trading brokers, your choice of environment might still be the coffee shop. It is commonly believed that quietness boost productivity, but this is not entirely true. Research suggests that the background noises that we usually are accustomed to in coffee places can improve our work efficiency. With the hecticness and excitement surrounding you, you are in a better, wholesome work environment. (Unlike your corporate office).

Best Place For Some Alone Time 

As I said, a coffee shop is a sanctuary. This is where you go to get out of the boxy corporate office into a free spirit of the coffee shop. Your alone time in a coffee shop does not necessarily have to be pure “alone time”. In a coffee shop, it is most likely that the coffee owner knows you and so do the frequent customers. This is your safe haven for a good time by yourself, free of judgment but still with people who know your name or are used to your presence. In a sense, coffee shops provide a feeling of belongingness despite the fact you came alone. 

The Exquisite Work 

It is fascinating and motivating to watch people work behind the counter and work hard at creating the art of coffee. It is hard to resist the urge to take a picture of the wonderful concoctions they provide us and the amazing latte art. (sometimes, it is almost too pretty to drink). 

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