Why Study a Career in IT? June 4, 2021

Meet the course in Management in Information Technology and see where to study this graduation that trains professionals in the market! The Information Technology Management course is of a technological type and lasts about two years. There are universities that offer the course in person and at distance. This is a degree that offers technical training while enabling the student to occupy strategic positions in companies, acting in the management of technological heritage, analysis of service levels, management of human resources and decision making involving technology. It is a booming profession with opportunities in all sectors of the economy.

How is the Information Technology Management course?

The Information Technology Management course is a technological course and can be completed in two years. As its name implies, it is a management-oriented course, training professionals capable of holding managerial and strategic positions in any company that develops or uses technology to operate.

Unlike other more specific IT courses, such as Digital Games, Systems Analysis and Development and Information Security, the Information Technology Management degree focuses less on programming techniques and more on managerial aspects, such as:

  • Definition of system usage parameters.
  • Management of human resources involved in IT operations and projects.
  • Implementation and documentation of technological routines.
  • Control of service levels.
  • Management of deployed systems

It is a course for those who already work in the IT area and intend to occupy a management position, or for those who did a secretarial course in Malaysia and are interested to work in the area for a fast and quality higher education.

The Information Technology Management course is offered in face-to-face and distance learning formats. 

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What is studied in Information Technology Management?

The curricular grid presents some disciplines of programming and Exact Sciences, but most of the workload is of subjects related to the managerial and strategic aspects of IT. The curriculum might vary based on the institution providing the course.

Among the main disciplines, these are mentioned:

  • Computer Networks and Architecture
  • Database
  • Costs and Financial Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Software Engineering
  • Information Technology Strategies
  • Web Development Tools
  • IT Security Management
  • Contract management
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Processes management
  • Project management
  • IT Service Management
  • Corporate Systems Management
  • IT Governance
  • Software Modeling
  • Electronic Business
  • New technologies
  • Information Technology and Organization

Where to study Information Technology Management?

The Information Technology Management course of Widad college is offered at hundreds of institutions across Brazil, mainly at private colleges.

If, on the one hand, you will not have much difficulty in finding a degree, on the other hand it is important to keep an eye on one detail: only study at an authorized college to offer the course. This is what will guarantee that your diploma will be valid throughout the country and will be accepted in the market to prove your status as a professional with a college degree!

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