Which Steel Deck Roof To Choose June 14, 2021

There are different types of steel deck for covering new homes. The blanket tray dries up. Made from 100% steel or steel and composite, it will be used for the final covering of a roof and does not require any additional coating (tiles, slates, waterproofing, etc.).

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Types Of Steel Deck Are As Follows :

The Sealing Support Tank

Made of galvanized steel with or without composite material, it is intended to provide the roofing which will be completed by waterproofing. It is used in particular in most constructions with flat roofs which are then covered with gravel, plants, etc.

The Cover Tray

Made of raw galvanized steel, it is used in “double skin” constructions. An insulation is then interposed between the steel tank and a dry cover generally in steel tank as well.

The Sandwich Panel

Made of steel or a composite material, it is used as a dry roofing tank but has the advantage of being equipped with a layer of insulation on its internal face. It then performs the function of insulation (thermal and sound) in addition to the waterproofing of the roof.

A Steel Deck Roof Offers Many Advantages

  • It is above all aesthetic since it is available in several colors or in tile or wood imitation, according to individual tastes.
  • It is very resistant, since it is considered to be able to last a hundred years.
  • It is light, which can be suitable for many projects, but also for renovation.
  • It is waterproof and allows rainwater to drain away quickly.
  • It is incombustible, which is a security for your home.
  • It is resistant to fungi and moss, which makes it easy to maintain.
  • It is light and handy and can therefore even be put down by experienced DIY enthusiasts.

The price of the steel deck roof will of course vary according to the surface of the roof, but also according to the model of steel deck panel chosen. The imitation tile plates are 5 to 15% more expensive. Please note: at the cost of the materials alone, you must add all the fixings, any additional elements (insulation type), possible delivery and pemasangan bumbung besi. You must therefore absolutely request several detailed quotes from professionals to be able to compare their services and know the total real cost of your roof.

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