Title : What are the benefits of online and mobile banking? June 24, 2022

The majority of transactions can be completed online or via your financial institution’s mobile app on your smartphone. There is multiple online banking Malaysia like Hong Leong Bank.

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  • You can access your account balances online at any time. You can now detect errors such as unauthorized activity sooner A– without waiting for your paper statement. You can usually report errors to your bank
  • Deposits and charges that are pending, which means they have not yet been posted to your account, are frequently visible. Please keep in mind that the amounts you see for pending debit card transactions may differ from the final amount that posts to your account. Before assuming that pending deposits are available for payments or withdrawals, check your bank’s funds availability policy.
  • Most banks and credit unions allow you to set up automatic notifications to help you manage your account and alert you when things like a direct deposit is received, a large payment is charged, your balance falls below a certain amount, your account is in overdraft, and more happen. Many bank and credit union online portals allow you to sign up for these alerts via text, email, or both. These alerts can help keep you informed without requiring you to log in to your account several times per day.
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  • If you need to transfer money between accounts or even financial institutions, your online banking or mobile app will most likely provide you with options. When making any transfers, double-check that you are using the correct account and routing numbers and that you understand the terms and conditions.
  • Instead of writing checks and mailing them, you can pay most bills online or through your financial institution’s mobile app.

Securing Your Financial Information

The majority of banks use encryption in their mobile apps to protect your privacy, financial information, and identity. You must create a login in order to access your mobile banking app. Some banks have even added additional layers of security, such as a separate PIN number.

Set Your Phone to Auto-Lock: All mobile phones have the ability to auto-lock with password protection after a certain amount of time. Setting the auto-lock to engage after a short period of time is a smart way to protect your sensitive financial information if you leave your phone somewhere unintentionally or if it is stolen.

Two-factor authentication sends a code to your mobile phone via SMS (or text message). After receiving the code, you enter it into the device, which registers it.

How can I get help and support with online banking?

If you run into any problems, seek assistance! If you require specific assistance, please contact your bank or credit union directly. In some cases, customer service representatives are available by phone, online chat, or video. The financial institution’s staff will assist you in setting up your account and will answer any questions you may have. They will also assist you in determining what you can and cannot do online or via their app. Please keep in mind that many bank and credit union call centers are experiencing high call volumes and may be delayed in responding to inquiries during this pandemic crisis.

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