The Struggles Of A New Breastfeeding Mom June 30, 2021

Feeding a baby is one of the hardest things we face during motherhood. Everyone knows how wonderfully natural and beautiful breastfeeding is, however it does come with its own unsung challenges during motherhood. Giving up coffee is not the only pain of breastfeeding.

There is no denying that breastfeeding is a very incredible feeling. Watching your baby nestle against your breast and finding comfort in your arms is an unbelievable experience. It is recommended that babies get breastfed over anything. Unfortunately, the experience is not as easy as advertised.

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Breastfeeding has so many benefits to both mothers and babies. But, the journey of breastfeeding is anything but easy. When we find ourselves unable to get a headstart on this beautiful journey, we are left wondering “is something wrong with me”. Before our confidence as new mothers plummet, let’s brace ourselves for the challenges of breastfeeding. 

Worrying About The Milk Supply 

Many new moms are under the impression that they don’t produce enough milk for their babies. This has left them feeling unconscious and incompetent in their abilities to breastfeed.

Some make the decision to switch to formula a little too sudden with the fear of a lower milk supply. However, while the assumption may be popular it is far from the truth. Mothers do produce enough milk as long as the baby consistently feed. They feed about 10 times a day and your body is better than you think at understanding your baby’s needs.

Consistent feeding is necessary to keep the milk produce ample and if there are true problems with the supply, most of the issues are temporary. They could be fixed with the proper support from your lactation consultant. 

Not All Breasts Are The Same 

Not all breasts are in the same shapes and sizes. The same also goes for the nipple. The difference in structure may make it harder for women to continue breastfeeding. Especially if the nipples are flatter or perhaps even inverted.

For the purpose of easier breastfeeding for women with inverted nippled or flatter nipples, they can use the aid of nipple shields. This makes it easier for the baby to latch on your nipple and be sufficiently fed. Some women also may experience breast pain, irritability, and dryness a lot more than other women. It is recommended that all women use a lansinoh nipple cream to ease any irritation and provide relief. 

Latching Issues

One of the first problems we navigate as new moms are the latching issues. When your baby refuses to latch it may be due to their own behavior or due to the way our breasts are shaped. But neither of these are without solutions. It takes a little patience, support to understand how to latch, and a lot of should come from your lactation consultant 

Babies have a constant need to feed and drink breast milk. It is important to remember breastfeeding is difficult because it is a new process for both baby and the mother. Both need the patience to understand their learning curve and navigate through a small bump of breastfeeding. Once we get the hang of all the challenges, it sure is one of the most beautiful things in the world. 

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