The Great Johor Bahru Property Sales As Per Your Choices April 8, 2021

In other words, you are looking for real estate that can offer solid capital gains potential compared to today’s prices. It is also always interesting to find out what the share of public sales is in the total number of real estate sales.

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If there are a relatively high number of public sales compared to the properties of Johor Bahru, this may mean that this region is not the best investment opportunity for the long term. Why? Because a relatively high number of public sales indicates that investors in this region can regularly buy investment properties at a discount which in turn puts downward pressure on the average value of the real estate.

Such phenomena occur in regions that have had their best time and are in a downward spiral, also in terms of economic fabric and jobs.

Cost Of Living In The Region Is Also An Important Parameter

Cost of living is an important criterion for being an interesting real estate location for investors. Finally, it is also important to find out what the cost of living in the region is. In other words, what does it cost for an average tenant to live comfortably in the area?

As an investor, try to opt for a market with a relatively low cost of living. As an investor, you should look for regions and areas where the prices of real estate are still acceptable compared to an average salary. The average rent must also be in a healthy proportion to an average salary in the region. This means that you should look for real estate for rent that is still affordable, both for you in terms of purchase and for the tenant in terms of monthly rent payable. You can then buy and rent the real estate and effectively earn a nice and stable return. For more information, house for sale in johor bahru can be of great help.

Be Careful With Dirt Cheap Real Estate Investment Market

Dirt cheap real estate is no indication of growth potential in a particular real estate investment market. There are many factors that determine whether a particular real estate market is a great investment opportunity or not.

  • Dirt cheap real estate is not a determining factor. On the contrary, it is often a misleading factor in the analysis of a particular real estate investment market.
  • Cheap to dirt cheap real estate has already saddled many novice real estate investors with a financial hangover.

Before you decide to invest somewhere, it is crucial that you know what is going on in that specific region (political, economic, and socio-cultural).

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