The better choice: rent or buy? January 3, 2021

Nowadays many people face the problem of deciding whether they would like to buy a house or rent a house. It can be a very confusing question and a hard decision to make when you don’t know the pros and cons for both sides. Some research would be important before coming to a decision and you can even call some real estate agents that can give you advice on the topic. This is a huge decision because it can determine your future. Taking the appropriate time and coming up with a plan or a strategy would do you good in terms of having a clear path of where you would like to head with the decision you have made. This article would help you in making a wise decision. 

rental property - The better choice: rent or buy?

Rent and buying are very different in terms of stability and flexibility. When someone buys a house, it is a long-term investment they are making. It is a place where they want to settle down and start a new chapter in their life. Their life would be based there, and it is most probably the place where they will remain until their old days. It gives a sense of stability for the house owners. As for rentals, it allows the people to be flexible about their life. If they wish to go, they can and if they wish to stay, they can. It also allows people to experiment with neighbourhoods and types of houses to determine which suits them best. They can move from the city to the suburban or countryside and along the way, they can try apartments, terrace houses, bungalows and other types of houses. This is perfect for adventurous people and people who travel a lot for work. 

As much as you would like to consider that, you would also have to consider the annual expense. When making such a decision, the typical advice would be to buy a house because it is believed to be more profitable in the future. However, this is not entirely true and rather, it is better to think which would be more appropriate for you in terms of annual expenses. Buying a house equals having a mortgage to pay. There are two parts which are interest and principal. Interest is something you pay without any return in the future while principal is like your savings. Taking into account only the interest, the total expenses when you buy a house includes the interest, property taxes, insurance and maintenance. As for rents, it is quite straightforward with one-time deposit payment to the landlord and the monthly rent payment. However, the deposit is not exactly an expense since you will get that back when you vacate the house. Hence, the kind of payment that you would have to commit to when you rent a house is just the monthly payment. 

Then you can also consider the riskiness between the two. The risk comes from the fluctuation of the property’s value. Buying a house and having a mortgage can lead to big risks because a mortgage is a leveraged wager and it can drastically change an individual’s personal net worth. On the other hand, because renting doesn’t face fluctuation as often as mortgage does, it is more suitable for people who would like to avoid risks. Even if the rents do increase dramatically, people who rent will have the option to move to a new house. 

These are the top three factors to consider when making your decision. Although it is not an easy decision, it is not impossible as long as you keep in mind the most suitable option for you. If you are currently looking to rent or buy a house around the Kajang area, you can search for amazing options on Edgeprop. Try visit Fblock and see something interesting there.

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