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Why Is The Digital Transformation So Hard

These past two years we have been reeling from the aftermath of the crisis, covid 19. However, to call the digital transformation an “aftermath” does spin the transformation in a negative light. While the circumstances that called for changes were not ideal, digital transformation has been a long waiting process for humanity. Everyone has a mobile phone, businesses are processing the SAP S/4HANA Migration Malaysia, online shopping was a norm, so what made a digital transformation so hard?

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Going back to the initial days of the digital shift, it was filled with nothing but constant education and courses on how to go “digital”. Even though we had phones and were familiarized with social media for years before the actual shift, we were still far from making the final plunge on the transformation. Breaking out of the traditional manual of business was a necessity when the digital world loomed in. But what factors made it so hard to implement the process of going digital? Where was the motivation to live in a digital space? Your average joe was not the only one who struggled. Even the CEOs of major businesses struggled with it. So let’s talk about the challenges that made it so hard! 

No Resources 

One of the biggest culprits that fizzled out all the digital marketing evolutions in business was the lack of resources. Both major and small companies struggled with digital transformation because they never invested in the digital tools to survive a digital landscape. There was also a considerable lack of talents in the IT department who oversaw all the technological tools, software, and hardware. Having no proper management in an IT team also lead to a big stumble in the digital adaptation. Having no employees who had high digital literacy is also a dent in the resources of the company. 

The Workplace Culture 

What is the organization’s culture like and what do they believe in when it comes to going digital? Many cultures make the mistake of simply investing in digital tools and never learning how to actually utilize them. Your organization never managed to adapt to the concept of a digital workplace, despite having the latest technology. So it is not always about the cool interfaces you have or all the business suites online. But it is also about the attitude, culture, and lifestyle. 

Having No Clear Budget For The Digital Shift 

The complete digital transformation was always a “hypothetical” situation for many businesses. Many never intended to go into digital space and utilize the resources that exist in the space. Inevitably this leads to having zero to little capital for proper digital transformation. Companies that succeeded in the pandemic are the ones who swiftly managed to reinvest in their digital literacy and digital tools. As much as we want to be tech-savvy in the most cost-effective manner, the solution is not to not spend at all. Some amount of capital should be set aside for proper digital transformation. And this capital should be well researched, strategize, discussed, and align with the decision-making skills in the business. 

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How To Protect Yourself Against COVID-19 Pandemic?

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic has spread widely across the globe, we can see many changes has happened in everyone’s life. We were advised and guided by authorities and medical professionals into following preventive methods to ensure that we and everyone around us is protected against the deadly virus. There are important preventive measures that you need to follow till the virus can be curbed fully. 

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Wear Masks And Maintain Social Distancing

When the virus first started spreading around, even medical professionals do not know how this virus will spread among humans. Then we were advised to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. This is because it was found that we can get the virus from anyone around us as long as we get in close contact with them. To curb the spread of the virus, the leaders of every nation in the world have imposed the lockdown rule by shutting down the social and economic activities around. It is advisable and humbly requested by our tired medical professionals that we stay at home if there is nothing important to be done outside. This will help to reduce the COVID-19 cases across the nation. Not only that, by wearing a mask and maintaining your social distancing, you are not only helping yourself by also others around you. This is because anyone can be the virus carrier, so by following these rules we can prevent the surge in COVID-19 cases. 

Get Vaccinated

It is very important to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. This is because recently it was announced that the virus has mutated and many variants of it have been found to be spreading across the globe. To ensure that you do not get any severe side effects from the COVID-19 virus and also to make sure that you do not spread it to people around you, you need to get vaccinated. Getting any vaccine is better against the COVID-19 virus than not getting yourself vaccinated. The only person who you should trust regarding the vaccines is the medical professionals and not the social media influencers or chain messages you receive on WhatsApp. 

Keep Your House Clean

One of the important things that you should do to protect yourself from COVID-19 is to always make sure your environment is sanitised. You should get Dr. Clo Malaysia to disinfect your entire house as it is a proven effective way to protect yourself against the virus. After every visit outside of your house, such as to the grocery stores or getting your parcels from the delivery man, you need to make sure your things are sanitised. You also need to sanitise yourself properly prior to entering your house. This will prevent you from spreading the virus to your family members at home. 

These are the main things that you should do to protect yourself and those around you against the deadly COVID-19 virus. To ensure that we can go back to our normal lifestyle, we have to follow these preventive measures. 

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