What is factory automation system ?

Technology plays an important role in today’s era. It is important for us to be technologically savvy. More importantly, it is important for things to be technologically advanced in order for us to experience the advantages of technology. Factory automation is one of the systems that benefit especially in manufacturing factories. 

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What is a factory automation system?

The factory automation system is the inclusion of automation in the manufacturing processes. There are many types of technologies that will be used for this system. It is an end-to-end manufacturing system that will be incorporated in the factories. There are many types of industries such as automotive, paper & printing, food beverage, and many more. The Factory automation system allows the company to decrease the possible dangers in the people working at the factories.

Industry 4.0 plays an important role in improving factory automation for more efficiency. The results of the factory automation system will be more fruitful with the addition of algorithms and a wireless sensor network.

The production with the automation system functions with sensors, safety components. robotics and many more.

Benefits of factory automation system 

Consistency – Machines will work day and night without stopping and they will not need rest days as human operators. Hence, it produces consistent results. 

Can reduce waste- Machine requires the company to calculate the accurate amount of materials which will lead to not having any wastage of materials

High quality- Machines are capable of producing accurate results that are programmed and they will produce high-quality results. It also could eliminate human errors. 

Safe working system – Human errors could create accidents and dangers to prone even more danger. Operators can shut down or control the machine system to reduce risks. 

Make things easy- The machines can carry heavy objects and loads without any limited time. 

Types of factory automation system 

 Fixed system – This system allows the continuous flow of processes in the industry. The equipment used for production will operate according to fixed set operations. 

Programmable system – The system will be programmed with the order of operations. The system can be changed with electronic controls. This system will mainly be used for a batch of product production. 

Flexible system – Through the system, the operator will provide a unique code for the computer to command each and every job. Operators can fulfill their job by doing accurate coding for each task.

Integrated system- This system refers to the system where all the tasks done by the computer will be controlled under one single system. Operators will have to control the system with designated scheduling and control of production.   

As with many other technologies, the industrial PC’s produced with the factory automation system. With the usage of this system, the PC is able to protect the computers and other components that are related to computers from dangers. The production work of the automation system will be faster and the cost will be less. 

One of the examples of factory automation is the automatic pedals in cars. This system is implicated for drivers to be able to drive without their feet on the pedals. 

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