Social Media And Its Versatility For Everyone August 19, 2021

When Facebook was first released to the world in 2004, it popularized social media as a platform and has inspired many developers to create their own social media that we all know today such as Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok and many more, although some of these apps are bought by Facebook which ironically improved their profitability by a large margin. Since then, it has made smartphones more valuable, especially for youths as these social media apps provide a platform for users to communicate and socialize for free. Additionally, they are able to browse through various content that is posted by their family and friends, which helps them to keep themselves up-to-date with their current situation and status.

As social media is becoming more important in recent years, business companies use this opportunity to advertise their products and services by creating their own social media pages. Through this method, business companies are able to advertise their products through two methods; the first being paying their preferred social media platform to advertise their products, which will make them appear more often in their target audience’s feed, and the other being posting their advertisements in their pages. Although the earlier method would help companies to gain more attention, the latter offers a much cheaper alternative as it requires no money to post whatever content they want into their page. This method would also help their customers who follow their pages to be notified whenever they post a new content. Despite the cost effectiveness of the latter method, there is a benefit of paying social media platforms to have their advertisements appear as it will register their data within Google’s algorithm.

To put it simply, the way how the algorithm works is that it detects a user’s most recent searches and displays advertisements that are related to their recent searches. Through this method, business companies are able to advertise their products and services more effectively and easily as social media users would be exposed to the advertisements in every social media app they use. Additionally, business companies can hire the assistance of seo selangor companies who help their clients to appear in their clients’ target audience’s social media feed more effectively.  There are a few ways they could reduce the frequency of these advertisements, which is hiding, blocking and installing adblock in their web browsers and smartphones. Through this method, the algorithm will pick up these options made by the users and would significantly reduce the ads popping up in their feeds, with the exception of adblocks.

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The effects of adblocks are more prominent on Youtube than any other social media platforms as blocking advertisements on Youtube can affect the income generated by channels, especially for popular Youtube channels. This is because social media users dislike being interrupted whenever they are watching videos from their favorite channels, especially when the videos are almost an hour long. Additionally, longer videos would mean that more advertisements will be displayed during the duration of the video, which further annoys users. To solve this issue, Youtube channels would rely on sponsorships instead, which is another way for companies to advertise their products as it will be incorporated into the channel’s videos. This would help companies to raise their brand’s image as viewers are forced to watch the advertised products in the videos, with the only way to skip it is by skipping ahead.

As smartphone users rely on their smartphones to access the various social media apps they have, it leads to the development of an unhealthy obsession as they would constantly feel the urge to browse through social media for its content or communicate with their friends. You can see this in users who would text on their phone while they are walking, driving and during meals. Eventually, it causes casualties with some leading even to deaths. Despite the recent enforcement that fines drivers for using smartphones, many drivers are still using smartphones even when they are stopped at a red light as they wait for the traffic light to turn green. 

Besides that, social media could replace almost every traditional media as it provides more content, especially when it is related to news. When it comes to news, newspapers would focus mainly on what’s happening within the country with a sprinkle of international news here and there. Through the internet, users are able to catch up with the happenings both locally and internationally for free. However, some news websites would force readers to pay for a monthly subscription if they wish to read more of certain articles. Despite this would put newspapers out of business, it helps to conserve the environment as it decreases the amount of litter, although it won’t be a permanent solution to solve pollution. Today, traditional media is also evolving and you can see most billboards are replaced with giant screens instead. This allows more creative freedom for companies to advertise their products while having the ability to advertise multiple advertisements on a single screen.

Despite all of the issues, social media has proven to be one of the most versatile platforms on the internet as it can do almost anything. Even today, working and retired adults would use social media to communicate and socialize with their friends who are living in far away places. Facebook is still as popular as the time when it was first established, but most old time users are tired browsing through the content they see in their feeds as they think that it is cringeworthy, especially when many users are posting popular memes and trends. Besides that, educational ministries encourage schools and universities to use social media to easily communicate and distribute educational materials.  No matter how much you hate using social media, you can’t deny its versatility and utility that it comes with as it can help you to communicate with people from overseas.

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