How To Compete With Big Brands? September 11, 2021

When starting your own small business, there are many challenges that you will encounter and one of them is that you have to compete will all of these big established brands that have been in the market for years. It might seem impossible to compete with them but with the right strategy you will make your own pathway and you’ll be able to be side by side with all of these big brands. 

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If you want to know the way, to compete with these big brands you need to read this article because it will tell you exactly how to compete with these big brands. 

Special Services 

Big businesses may accomplish a lot of things right, such as building a name brand and a loyal customer base, but they typically fail at personalizing, which is one of the most essential aspects of satisfying consumers. How much time can they dedicate to a single client and cater to their requirements if there are another 100 clients to serve? Concentrate on customizing your clients’ service by determining how they want to work and meeting them there. Try to cater your services to the customer’s need. 

Unique Brands 

It is important for you to be unique and different from all of these brands. Your targetted customers are used to seeing the same products or services, so you need to think what are the things that have never been done and take the risk to be different. You can also use the brand activation agency Malaysia, to market your brand out there. 

Current Trends 

When it comes to the current and newest trends everyone wants to be the first to follow the trends. However with bigger companies, they have a lot more to do before following the trend for example they need to come up with a specific budget, they need to present that to the upper authorities while smaller companies can just do a meeting and decide it as soon as possible. Your smaller companies have their own advantage at being faster and more efficient when deciding a certain decision. 

Customer Service 

The key to your success depends on your customers and that is why it is crucial for you to have excellent customer service. You have the potential to establish a stronger, deeper, and more close connection with your clients as a small company owner. Customer service is as important as any other product or service you provide. Customers prefer and search for relationships and experiences, not simply the final product. Customers will come to you first if they know you provide a connection they can’t get at that massive corporation, even if it costs them a bit more.


You need to make sure that your business or services are being seen everywhere for everyone. From social media like Instagram to daily newspapers. That is why the biggest investment for every business is their marketing because marketing plays an important role for their business. Without proper and good marketing you wouldn’t be able to reach out to your targetted customers. 

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