5 Places To Visit In Penang April 6, 2021

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Penang has its own fair share of some must-see attractions that you can cover in your itinerary if you want to experience Penang in a short time. The essence of the island has many to offer that to miss them will be as good as not having been to Penang in the first place.

Here are 5 places to visit when you are on vacation in Penang:

  1. Penang Hill

Also bears another name called Flagstaff Hill (Bukit Bendera), rises 821 metres above sea level, providing a welcome break from the heat below. One of Penang’s most popular attractions, a trip up is a never-to-be-missed experience, offering tourists a stunning view of the entire island all the way to the top. The easiest way to get to the top is to get on a funicular train that goes all the way up in half an hour. The highlights of the hill is at the peak where there lies a pretty Hindu temple, a church, a mosque, and even a snake display where you can take pictures of a tame python for a fee.

  1. Escape Adventureland

If you are the type to flirt with thrilling challenges, the few hours spent at Escape Adventureland Penang are likely to be some of the most exciting and emotional moments of your life. After all, it’s pretty memorable to hurt quickly through the open air, hundreds of feet off the ground. It specializes in a zipline (or flying fox, as the Australians usually call it) as well as other fun activities here, including a free fall from a 20m jumping platform, an inner-tube slide and a tree rope swing.

  1. Made In Penang Interactive Museum

Located in Georgetown, this immersive museum really helps to shake off pre-existing perceptions of dull, obsolete museums, instead offering visitors a fun, exciting way to experience artwork with smart 3D imagery features. For example, a portrait of the Penang Snake Temple, with a large 3D snake slithering out of the frame. A museum where being involved in the arts itself is genuinely part of fun, photos range from historic images such as cannons blowing battleships to elevators with famous horror movie characters inside. The trick is that the artists used different colours, textured contours and some props to produce each unique picture.

  1. Fort Cornwallis

Fort Cornwallis is one of the most prominent landmarks of Penang. Inside its ten-foot-high walls (which are arranged in the form of a star), you can see a 17th-century chapel, several jail cells, an ammunition storage room, and more. There are some pretty cool old bronze cannons, like the Dutch one, which superstitious locals believe has a positive impact on women’s fertility.

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