The Best Laptops For Your MLM Business March 7, 2021

Business laptops are the rave. From students to entrepreneurs they are on the lookout for an affordable, good business laptop. The need for different types of laptops changes based on the field you are working in. 

A software company may require a laptop that has a longer-lasting battery and higher horsepower. 

A network marketing software business may require a laptop that is more suitable for networking and has the most bang out of the buck. Strong connectivity and portability are simply a given requirement for an MLM business. They claim that you can work from any corner of the world, hence the need for portability, maybe a port for ethernet, and long-lasting battery life.  

So here are some laptops you can consider for your MLM business in the long run. 

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A classy, lightweight, beautiful laptop is here to sweep us off our feet. You will be astonished by how advanced this versatile laptop is. The new surface pro 7 has a touch screen and you can transform it into a tablet as well. Draw, play, research, take notes, name it, you can do anything on this efficient laptop. Microsoft rolled ut their new laptop with more than one way to connect. You have both USB-C and USB-A ports for connecting to displays, docking stations, as well as accessory charging. This ultra-slim is perfect for you on the go. Take the laptop to your favorite coffee shop or to the library to get bucked down to work. The weight won’t hold you off as it is incredibly light. The laptop also has great charging capabilities. You can simply go up to 80% within one hour of charging. Microsoft surface pro 7 reportedly can hold up to 10 long hours. It is recommended that you stick to getting the surface pro 7 with intel core i5 with 8GB of RAM or get i7 with 16GB memory for the best kick out of the laptop. 

  • MacBook Air (2020)

We have heard all about this one last year. Some raves over the laptop while others are not so impressed. We have to say this is a very impressive option for business purposes. This MacBook among one of the best in apple’s great line of laptops. This is perfect for your long travels because of its light-weighted ness. You can choose between an i3, i5, and i7 for the MacBook. This version also comes with better storage space compared to their predecessors, something a lot have complained about. The starting price for this Macbook air is a lot lower compared to other MacBooks as well. So what are you waiting for? Get the lightest, thinnest, and one of the fastest MacBooks available for your business. 

  • Lenovo ThinkPad T490 Business Laptop

One of the best and more remarkable laptops from this list, Lenovo Thinkpad T940 certainly gives a run for your money.  With the performance capacity of this laptop, it is perfect for multi-tasking and continues your networking business. This comes with the 8th generation intel i5, which was recommended for its fastness. The maximum battery life can go up to an impressive 15 hour period of time. And the hard drive can also be upgraded up to 256GB SSD, giving you the ability to store massive files and still have a fully fast functioning laptop. The sleekness of this laptop is only a side benefit that immensely benefits your image. 

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