Important Things To Know About Studying In Malaysia May 21, 2020

Student Life in Malaysia

Are you now about to start as a freshman college? Do you want to study abroad like maybe in Malaysia? Malaysia is now becoming a fast tourist favorite. Thus, if you are looking for a place to settle later, aside from your native land, this country should be a good option. You don’t need to be worried that it might be expensive here as we all know that there are more expensive countries and Malaysia can be considered as not part of them.

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If you will just opt for a diploma study, you won’t be burdened that much with the expenses. Besides, you can always work while studying as there are so many companies in this country that might absorb part-timers. However, being an expat of Malaysia, you might want to learn first about the system of education here and what you must prepare to be accepted. Satu perkara yang anda boleh yakin bahawa sistem di Malaysia tidak begitu rumit seperti di negara lain, contohnya, kolej yang ada kerjasama antara IPTA.

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Primary requirements for international students

For you to be eligible, you must have 12 years of education at least and must have undergone an examination that is accepted by the Ministry of Education that can qualify you for a diploma or a degree course.

Tuition fees

Usually, the tuition fees will be based on the kind of course you will take. It is, of course, considered that when you take a diploma study, the tuition fees are smaller compared to a degree course. But you can also ask the designated agencies for this so you will be prepared. They also have an online calculator that can compute after you are sure about the course you will take.

Language of instruction

Though there are many languages used in this country, they use English being this is the universal language. So, unless you don’t know how to speak this language, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Part-time job

The government will not prohibit you from working while studying in this country. Just like in any country, your private life is yours to deal with and unless you will make something that us unlawful, you should be on your own. It means you can work while studying if you want.


If you are looking for scholarships, you should inquire from the agency who accepted you. You can also check on the Malaysia Government as sometimes, they also offer scholarships to the deserving students.

Part-time student

Being an expat, they don’t allow part-time students. However, depending on your chosen course, you will be surprised to know that you can still find ample time to work.

Here are some tips on how to be a successful part-time student:

You will be in good hands wherever you will end up in Malaysia. They have great colleges for you to choose from and most if not all, have a great reputation. So, if you have not done the step yet, it’s high time you should and enjoy this country.

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