Fundraising December 13, 2020

Fundraising is a phenomenon that certain social activist resort to for achieving a noble cause. There are people who raise funds online and others still choose to do things that catch the public attention the most. For example, sometimes television and film celebrities are invited on a particular television show to express their views or have live calls with their fans to convince them for donating for a noble cause. Fundraising can be done for all kinds of purposes for the common good. It can be for arranging books for the children going to schools, meeting the expanses of the treatment of a cancer patient, or to help a community to be self-sufficient economically. More often than not the people choose concerts for fundraising. It is because music is a common language of humanity and those who do not understand the world toss their heads on the tunes of the musical instruments. The Qawali is a form of mystic music that is quite popular in South Asia. However, it has been used as a source of fund raising even in London and other parts of the world. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, a well-known Qawali sayer, was invited to such an event in London in 1993. Similarly, many sports are also used as fundraising sources for certain noble cause.

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Friendly matches of football, cricket, squash, table tennis, golf and many other forms of sports are used as a source of fund raising by many franchises for certain noble causes. It is because there is a huge fan following of the sports celebrities in the world and they believe that what their ideal sportsmen stand for must be a valid cause. The fundraising is often carried by individuals or organizations that are not linked with the government because governments can do these works on their own. Well, if we discuss the role of government and non-government organizations in welfare works or start drawing a comparison between their works, the discussion would turn to be too political. Let’s give it a new dimension. Have you ever thought that if the art of scuba diving is used for this noble cause what would it sound like? True, there are scuba divers who only indulge in the game for the sole purpose of remaining fit, exploring the new vistas of marine life and the beauty of nature in waters but what about the people who bring a human aspect in each and every aspect of their lives. Whatever they play, they do, they always think to make it a beneficial act for the world at large. Are you one of such people and also a scuba diver? If yes, we would suggest that you can perform this noble cause at the scuba diving destinations of Malaysia as they host people from all around the world and if you visit the scuba diving classes in the Malaysian scuba diving islands, you can meet hundreds of philanthropists who can join you in the noble cause. 

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