Avoid These Jobs If You’re Not Prepared To Risk It All March 5, 2021

Jobs are as interesting as they come. Some can be done by literally anyone whilst the others need a specialised person to need. Some jobs require years of formal education but not everything does. There are jobs with enormous risks but high benefits and pay as well whilst there are others where the jobs require you to do some admin work and don’t pay much either. Did you know, countries with nuclear power plants have free degrees on how to take care of the nuclear plant. These degrees are free and they will instead pay you everything you need because of the high risks in the career as well. Just like this radioactive job, here are some jobs you should avoid if you’re not prepared to risk It all.

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High risk jobs mean jobs that have a high risk of losing or gaining something. Though most people think positive and forget about the high risk loss part, others focus on how to gain from the losses. The first job you should avoid if you’re ready for high risk environments are business. Business is not the most glamorous job.

Most people will recognise business by the super-rich people who own ten businesses but if we discuss smaller businesses like second hand car companies or a restaurant, there’s a lot of risk that comes with it. Businesses are a high risk job that never promises a proper return. In the past year hundreds and thousands of businesses went out due to the fact that they could no longer support themselves. Even giant companies like Chi Chi’s have filed for bankruptcy the past year because their overhead costs were more than the incoming profits. These factors are a warning sign to business to consider what they are considering if they are thinking about it.

Next is trading. A day-time trader is not a glamorous job, you probably sit at your desk for about 8-10 hours a day reading through the financial markets while going through the stock market. The job pays a pretty penny if you know how to trade but if you don’t, this isn’t the route for you. The life of a day-trader is a pretty strenuous one. You must be vigilant and never lose hope. Most traders have incurred huge losses during their time trading but they have also incurred many profits. Being a lowest spread forex broker doesn’t guarantee you any wins and they surely come with very big risks. If you’re not prepared to risk anything, stay away from this job.

Finally, if you are looking into becoming a nuclear power plant manager, you’re in for a shock. Many of the nuclear power plants workers become radioactive despite the precaution and they are then sent out to isolated places to reduce the half life of the radioactive atoms. Some become ‘normal’ within the course of months and some years. The job pays you to study for the course and they don’t skimp on the benefits but you don’t get to see your family a lot if you’re working for this job. Due to the constant radioactive exposure you might not even get to see your family most of the time to ensure their safety is guaranteed.

Though these jobs do bring the big dollars when they are within your favour, don’t put all your eggs into one basket. Stay cautious and Happy Job hunting. 

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