Are We Ready for Industrial Revolution 4.0? December 12, 2020

   Innovation mentality has been applied and encouraged us to achieve advancement regarding technologies in our country. Unlike previous generations, youngsters accept technologies really well. Furthermore, there are a lot of inventions of advanced technologies in the market that we can use in our daily life such as smartphones, tablets, automatic vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, etc. But the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is so much more than that. A lot of industrial automation company Malaysia have seen these opportunities and came up with a lot of machines and robots to help businesses and factories to be on a whole different level. But what are the factors that determine if our country is ready for Industrial Revolution 4.0?

dad - Are We Ready for Industrial Revolution 4.0?

   Traditionally, the supply chain to companies is transportation management based on their brands. But now that it is kind of disrupted, big companies in industrial automation offers a digital supply chain where a lot of benefits can be utilized for both clients and provider. One of the benefits is it is more flexible, as the material or product can be delivered at any time or on weekends. For example, delivery services like Poslaju will only deliver packages on weekdays during working hours, but now they can deliver even at night or on weekends. If you are interested in a more flexible and reliable network, in regards to network solutions, you can check out the best moxa products in Malaysia

   In addition to that, machines for Industrial Revolution 4.0 is faster compared to the old methods. Previously, companies and businesses have not aware of the functionality of industrial automation machines for their products. Therefore, the process of manufacturing is slower and leads to a slower process of delivery. For example, the factories in previous days that manufacture CPUs for desktops did not have machines to invent CPUs. Hence, scientists and programmers have to work together and create large CPUs to store all the pieces of information and run with the Internet as well. Now, products are smaller and faster developed by machines like top Omron cable Malaysia

   Finally and above all, it is definitely more efficient. Technologies cannot be compared to humans for how we think and react. Machines and robots are not like that. In repetitive tasks, machines are good at working with the supervision of one person. You can also discover Patlite signal tower in Malaysia if you would like your machines to send signals for an emergency, for instance. 

    In conclusion, I am sure if we are equipped with these many advanced technologies in our factories and businesses, you can say that our country can achieve the vision of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Nevertheless, humans brains and ideas are still valuable. But if you would like a more flexible, faster, efficient, and granular supply chain, you can head over to top industrial automation companies in Malaysia, and you can also ask for recommendations and suggestions from someone who is experienced to know the products you can get from the market.

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